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Staff Sergeant #1 “Senior Leadership Prevails”


Welcome to Staff Sergeant!

Staff Sergeant is a webcomic dedicated to providing a hilarious look into the life of the average Staff NCO. This comic details the struggles of leadership and how it relates to the hilarious world of the IPAC Marine Corps environment.

I know what you’re all thinking: what happened to that other, maliciously damaging to Corps Values comic, Terminal Lance? Well, some people in Quantico offered me a lot of money to stop making it and instead focus on leadership and core values. This comic was meant to show the impact a simple uniform correction can have on a young Lance Corporal.

The Lance Corporal in this comic will go on to do wonderful things in the Corps after this one event. You never know the impact your words will have on your junior Marines. This Marine will forever remember the importance of keeping his hands out of his pockets, which will instill within him a discipline he never would have before. It might seem like it’s harsh to violently yell at someone because of where their hands are placed, but remember: if you’re louder, they can’t not hear you (and your experienced leadership).

Lastly, happy April Fool’s Day.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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