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Terminal Lance #308 “The Two Beer Rule”


There are often times when the command allows Marines to drink while “on the clock.” These are usually special exceptions such as “Warrior Night” at the end of a big training evolution, or layovers traveling to and from yonder in large groups (usually deployments and such). Every single time, the command will allow a maximum of two beers. Needless to say, this isn’t acceptable for the average Marine.

If you didn’t know this, Marines hold the world record for largest and youngest demographic for alcoholism. This probably isn’t true but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were.

When I was traveling to Iraq the first time, we had a layover in Ireland for a little bit. By little bit, I mean literally about two hours at the most. The command allowed us to have two beers each, and the line to the airport terminal bar was soon vastly over capacity for the small airport. The weaving length of Marines patiently awaiting a taste of a hoppy delight. Despite the fact that we really only had a relatively short amount of time before we had to be back on the plane and ready to go, there were Marines desperately trying to bribe the ones that otherwise didn’t drink for their “two beers.”

“Hey man, can you stand in line for me so I can have your two beers?”

I happened to be in Iraq during my second-ever Marine Corps Birthday experience, on November 10th, 2007. On the celebratory day, we were allotted two beers each, which was pretty great considering we were in Iraq. As soon as the day came, Marines were going to the extent of taking aspirin in anticipation for the alcohol so it would have a stronger effect on them. While this isn’t recommended by most doctors, pharmaceutical labels, Corpsmen, and people with common sense;  the thought of only ingesting two alcoholic beverages is just too much to handle for some.

Crazy, but classic Marine Corps.

In today’s strip, the third panel features one of the Kickstarter backers that backed his way into being drawn into a comic, but he asked to remain anonymous. I guess he read something about minotaur dicks and didn’t want any part of that magical feast.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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