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Terminal Lance #304 “Generation Gap”


One of my pet peeves are people that were enlisted in the 80’s and 90’s telling Marines how soft they are. Furthermore, another pet peeve are these Marines telling me and others jovially that they used to physically assault gay people for being gay back in “their Corps.” You’d be surprised how often I come across this kind of folly, and I’m sure many of you have seen it on Facebook and other such places.

Marines today, with their newfangled smartphones and laptop computers, my Corps was so much tougher.

This mouth-breathing idiocy completely fails to acknowledge the fact that Marines of today have been engaged in war for over 10 years straight now. My Marine Corps was a culture of war. Your Marine Corps was a culture of drill maneuvers and liberty risks. Today’s Marine Corps deserves the respect it’s earned through years of conflict and countless acts of heroism overseas.

I don’t know if this mentality will ever go away. We’ve all heard it from our seniors and people before us, the ‘Old Corps’ was so much worse. We have no idea.

I’m here today to officially tell you that the ‘Old Corps’ does not exist. There is only one Marine Corps, and it is filled with outstanding Marines capable and proven through years of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. Whatever ignorant shit you cling to that says otherwise is wrong.

Today’s Marine Corps is a lot of things; it is a diverse group of people of all genders, races and creeds; but if there is one thing it is not, it is soft.


I just want to clarify that I’m certainly not suggesting that all Marines from the 80’s and 90’s are bigoted assholes. This is just a cartoon illustration of an exaggerated stereotype and pet peeve of mine.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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