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Terminal Lance “Revenge of the Dependapotamus” Pg 3


I’m sorry.

Okay, not really. “A little bit of shaft” is just one of those things that makes me laugh every time.

The Master Skater Lance Corporal has successfully made his way into Vagabba the Slut’s palace, only time will tell if he’s able to successfully save Garcia from her wretched grasp.


So people were offended at the Chaplain thing again. I say again, because this isn’t the first time this character has occurred in the Terminal Lance lore. Of course I don’t hate Chaplains, this is one character, get over it.

I think it’s worth talking about that no one actually hates military wives. I mean, that’s just stupid, considering I was married for most of my enlistment. Whenever I make fun of things like the Dependapotamus, I’m not necessarily talking about every military wife on base; it’s really just a satirical poke at the (unfortunately) typical enlisted wife that feeds off of BAH, credit cards, child support and misery. There’s a lot to be said about military wives, and a lot of it is positive. For every disgusting creature feeding off the life-force of whatever stupid Lance Corporal dragged her into his shitty life, there are great women that do great things for our Marines.

Of course, we all have a good laugh at the bumper stickers and other moto wife-gear that says silly tag-lines like, “Toughest job in the Corps,” but it’s all in good fun. Realistically, it goes without saying that the job of a military wife can be obviously stressful. Raising children while your husband is on deployment and you’re on a base hundreds of miles away from your family is no easy task, and many women perform it admirably. I think many Marines should put their wife’s perspective into consideration more often. You have a woman that you probably dated in high school or whatever, transplanted to a far away land with likely no familial support and really no bearings, living her life for the sole purpose of being there for you. Of course, many wives get jobs and try to live normal lives, but you’re really at the mercy of whatever the Marine’s command decides to do with him next.

Marines give up a lot of freedoms for a variety of reasons, but military wives give up a lot of their freedoms for you.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of shitty wives out there. However, there’s also shitty husbands, shitty Marines, and just shitty people in general.

Don’t lose perspective, a lot of it is just shit.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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