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Terminal Lance “MEU Mischief”


Firstly I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Uriarte for affording me the opportunity to contribute to his strip and for being patient with me. I was introduced to Terminal Lance by a Lance Corporal Andrew Ross over three years ago while I was still stationed on a Wasp-Class amphib. I’ve been following the strip ever since (partly because it loaded easily on shitty internet connections) and to be able to be a tiny mote in it is extremely exciting and worth sleep deprivation.

So diving into the content, the amphibious assault ships, or ‘Gators’, are home to one of the biggest culture clashes in the Department of Defense. On board these ships, hundreds if not thousands of Marines are crammed on to a boat dwarfing the population of the permanent crew to basically steam circles in the ocean and standby to support any operation where they are needed. Which sometimes isn’t a whole damn lot.

The infantry Marines on board said Gator have it the hardest because there is almost nothing that they can actually do that pertains to their jobs. They’d try to find constructive things to do, but once the berthing is spotless, training’s done, and there’s no chow being served, they tended to work-out or break things. Sometimes they succeeded in doing both at the same time.  This strip is based on an event that happened right before I checked aboard, according to my mentors. So how true this is up for debate, but quite honestly, I wouldn’t count it out.


You can see more of Minnie’s work by clicking this awesome link. And this one.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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