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Terminal Lance #295 “Bricks Life”


I’m sure all of you are aware of the new barracks rules coming into play. If you’re not, you can read about it here. The new regulations are designed to improve discipline throughout the Corps and “crack down” on behavior problems found amongst salty Lance Coolies throughout the Corps.

Though, naturally, this seemed like a shady attempt at reducing the number of Marines re-enlisting by making every day life suck even more than it already did. I’m not entirely sure what these new rules will actually accomplish (if anything), it really just seems more like life for single Marines is about to get a lot shittier, while relative life of married Marines continues to look better. Just living in the barracks–as a general thing–is already a terrible experience. You’re surrounded by alcoholic 18-24 year olds all day that are pissed off with a lot of free time, in addition to the over-crowding, broken A/C and rarely working hot water; plus there’s always at least one asshole that wants to play his music really loud with his door open at 2100 because that makes sense.

If anything, this just seems like an effort to further the war against single Marines. God forbid you don’t want to get married, now you’re going to be punished even more–while absolutely nothing changes for the guys living in base-housing with their dependents.

The barracks might get crazy sometimes, but it’s because the barracks fucking suck. No one wants to live there. The Commandant sure as fuck doesn’t want to live there, which is why he lives here–nor does any other Staff NCO or Officer in charge of you. Shitting on the guys already being shat upon doesn’t really fix the problem, it just adds more shit to clean.

I’ve used the word shit a lot today.


In other news, I moved into my new place this weekend and finally got my internet back up, which is great. I’ve been kind of out of it lately with everything that’s been going on, I don’t even have my Cintiq set up yet so I had to use my old Intuos to draw this comic strip–which is totally fine, but weird to get used to again. That last sentence probably didn’t make any sense to 90% of you, but the other 10% are nodding their heads with a half-cocked smile going “I know, right?”

I’m really trying to get the majority of Kickstarter rewards sent out this week, there’s still a lot of surveys to send out but I’m still waiting on the challenge coins to arrive–those things aren’t particularly quick to get made.

Anyway, I’m going to continue to unpack my life from boxes and try to settle in here so I can get full speed on The White Donkey. Until next time, you motivators.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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