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I’m sure all of you are aware of the news surrounding Syria over the last couple of weeks. Following the use of chemical weapons in their civil war, the President wants to launch an attack against the Syrian regime (in a nutshell). If you might have missed it, a few service members of varying branches have taken to anonymous online protest against the idea through the use of flash card signs and eerie, dark barracks rooms.

These sorts of protests should be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, no one wants to start another war in the middle east. While this all seems eerily similar to what was happening 10 years ago with Iraq, it is actually pretty different. From what I understand, the President is pushing for surgical airstrikes of military importance, not an invasion. This is a huge difference, as there probably shouldn’t be boots on the ground, which makes these silent, anonymous protests rather moot. It’s also important to note that these protests are mostly being done by the “Armed Forces Tea Party,” which is the same Facebook group that was under that Sergeant that got kicked out a couple years ago for saying he wouldn’t fight under Obama (and was shocked that he got kicked out for it), so your own political leanings will ultimately inform how seriously you take them.

I like to remain a-political, so I’ll keep my own opinion out of it, but it’s all certainly interesting to say the least.

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In other news, 3,000 stickers just arrived at my doorstep.

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