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Terminal Lance “Manhunt”


It’s true, they’re finally going after the culprit that claims hundreds of thousands of buttholes every year. The Green Weenie strikes hard and it strikes fast, eluding even the most honest of Staff and Officers over the years, managing to fuck everyone in every rank, wherever they may be.

Okay, there’s probably some kind of line I’m crossing here by making light of sexual assault, which is actually a really serious issue in the military. I’m not going to write an essay about it, I don’t really feel like doing the research at the moment into the numbers, but it’s an issue that has popped up time and time again. This time, however, there appears to be quite a bit of top-down effort involved on all ends. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to pass legislation that will take the crime and punishment out of UCMJ authority and put it into civilian courts, and President Obama talked briefly about it during his speech at Camp Pendleton this week.

My first thoughts on the subject were that grunt units don’t really have an issue with sexual assault since there’s no females around, but apparently over half of all reported cases are male-on-male. Now, I don’t personally recall ever witnessing anything like this, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. It’s also important to remember that crimes like sexual assault and rape are more about dominance and power than they are about pure sexual gratification, which makes sense in the alpha-male environment of the military.

But really, I do hope they catch that Green Weenie once and for all.

In other news, there’s only 54 hours to go for the Kickstarter! If we reach the $150,000 stretch goal I’ll be putting out the next compilation book Terminal Lance: Second Award!!! This book will feature strips 101-200, and will be sold online much like KNIFE-HANDS!!! Outside of that, the only way to get yourself a sticker or a challenge coin is to back the project! Click here to check it out.

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