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Terminal Lance #263 “Post”


As I was sitting and contemplating what to do with the new strip this beautiful Friday, I realized that, while I have talked about being on post before, there’s a surprising dearth of post-related content on this site. Standing post is a ubiquitous pass-time of deployed Marines in every instance; it’s something you hate to do and have to do.

As for people fucking goats–well, that’s just part of the entertainment of third world countries.

There’s simultaneously so much and so little to talk about in regards to standing post. Favorite time-killers while staring out into nothingness include listing celebrities you’d like to sleep with, drawing penises in or around the post, getting into ethical or religious debates with your battle buddy, singing songs, masturbating, and basically anything else you can think of that can be done in an 8×8 square box. The post itself is usually a depressing fair, consisting of plywood, sandbags and thick glass. Probably my favorite work surrounding the act of standing post is this video from a Marine in Iraq:

This work played a large inspiration in my own animated video on the subject, titled “POST.”

On a random note, why did I decide to do this comic differently? I dunno, I just felt like doing something different I guess.

Another late update today. What can I say? It’s a busy time with the semester ending in a matter of weeks. Speaking of, I actually have a lot more animated “POST” related content in mind once school is out and I actually have time to tackle some of this stuff. Look forward to more in the near future!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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