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I’m sure everyone with even a remote connection the Marine Corps or the military industrial complex at all has heard of the cut to Tuition Assistance to the Marine Corps. It’s truly unfortunate, and I also hear that the Corps is the only branch losing the collegiate benefit.* To be fair, if you’re a grunt you’ve probably never taken advantage of tuition assistance anyway. Attending college while active duty is near impossible for the infantry-types, as we’re always in the field or on deployment or some such. I recall a few Marines in my platoon that were trying to do online courses while active duty, which was near impossible since even those require that you maintain a relatively scheduled schedule.

*Edit: The Army apparently is losing their TA benefit as well.

Regardless, this is something that will affect a lot of Marines. At the very least, your GI Bill remains untouched–and I can vouch personally for the necessity of this benefit, as I wouldn’t be able to be where I am without it.

As for McDoubles, I think this transition is going to put a lot of chow hall Marines out of work. Though, they could be the ones that run to McDonald’s to pick up the greasy sandwiches. (Okay, obviously I made up the part about the McDoubles)

In unrelated news, I woke up to a voicemail from SgtMaj Kent the other day.

My life is weird sometimes.

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