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Terminal Lance #252 “Call of Duty Reference”


There was a lot of hoopla last month about General Mattis’ change of command at CENTCOM, with right-wing opinion blogs talking about how “he wasn’t even given a phone call,” or something. Since I couldn’t find any credible news source on it, I just avoided it. Regardless, Gen. Mattis is leaving CENTCOM in March and is expected to retire.

Either way, lets talk about how stupid prestiging in Call of Duty is. So you play this game for like 50 hours, you spend the entire time killing and capturing all day and night–listening to privileged 14 year old white kids who just discovered the “n” word talk the lamest trash you’ve ever heard–just so you can unlock the weapons in the game and play however you want. Then, once you’re done with that, you’re given the option to start over again from scratch. It’s stupid as hell, but you get a little medal for your rank instead of a real rank.

I can’t imagine something like this happening in real life. Well, I can, which is what I’ve illustrated above. But really, it’s a stupid concept and an easy way for the developers to put filler content into the game without actually adding substance.

Oh you finished the game? Do it again!

But, thus is the world of Call of Duty.

In other news, I hope most of you had a decent Valentine’s Day. Mine was depressing as hell.

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