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Terminal Lance #236 “Security Force Drops”


Obviously I don’t have anything negative to say about Security Force Marines on their own accord. Every once in a while, however, those Marines with no deployments under their belts and bloated cutting scores find their way back into the “fleet” infantry. They’re generally met with disdain and little acknowledgement of their often-times higher rank.

Usually what happens is a grunt of some kind will get sent to Security Forces straight out of SOI, they spend a couple of years there, pick up Corporal and then get shipped off to the fleet. They have no deployment experience and even less actual MOS experience in the line companies. The disgruntled Lance Corporals of the line companies don’t typically pay them the respect their coveted NCO rank might expect. Can you blame them? Some guy with no experience stealing a squad leader position from someone who’s probably been there longer and knows the lay of the land better simply because of their rank.

Security Force Marines are great people, just don’t expect a warm welcome when you finally arrive at the doorstep of a line company. Keep your head down, pay attention to what the Lances are telling you and don’t expect people to care that you’re an NCO. If you haven’t been on a deployment, you’re just as boot as anyone else in your shoes.

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