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Happy New Year!


I feel like I should reiterate that I don’t actually have anything against Chaplains, but the Catholic Church really writes its own jokes at this point. If you happen to find the chaplain at your barracks party though, I would be cautious.

I’m sure you’re all aware that this weekend is New Years, two-thousand twelve, to be exact. Idiots and Hollywood producers want us to believe that the end of the world is supposed to happen this year. The very idea is ridiculous, of course–I think you have to be fairly vain to truly believe that the 4.5 billion year old earth would end on your watch; or even human civilization, which is thousands of years old. Not only that, but who the hell are the Mayans to predict the future? They couldn’t even predict their own demise.

I’m afraid 2012 will be just another year for our beautiful planet, so try not to worry.

In case you missed it last night on Facebook, I posted a link to the Marine Corps Rank Insignia Wikipedia page, where someone had made this edit under “Enlisted”:

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I found the entry to be quite amusing, unfortunately some motivator decided that wasn’t how they wanted people to see the Marine Corps and took it down for “vandalism”. In all fairness, it was bound to get taken down, but it was funny while it was up. Despite popular myth, I didn’t have anything to do with putting it up.

Anyway, have a happy New Year! Kiss something at midnight–unless it’s a creepy Chaplain.

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