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Terminal Lance “Merry Christmas!”


I debated doing this strip simply because the subject of hazing has popped up recently with the Army’s recent unfortunate incident. While it is a touchy subject, it makes for a funny comic. The fact is, hazing is a part of Marine Corps (and other military) infantry culture. It is a staple of it, as much as MRE’s or field-ops. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or out of touch with the average lower-enlisted service member.

Unfortunately, many take it too far.

There is a very fine line between acceptable punishment or training and hazing. Without offering my lengthy opinion, I won’t get into the moral implications of what is and what isn’t appropriate. When I reached the coveted rank of “Senior Lance Corporal,” myself and the rest of my section took a very adamant stance against hazing in regards to our newer Marines. We were lucky enough that our seniors felt the same way (for the most part), and passed on this mindset to return the favor.

Anyway, enough of that downer stuff. It’s Christmas this weekend! I’m not particularly religious, I celebrate Christmas more as a staple of American culture than I do with any implication of any important person’s birthday–as do most people these days, probably. Today, Christmas is more of an American holiday than a religious one; its as American as Mountain Dew, McDonald’s and Don Draper. I simply enjoy it for what it is.

Whatever you celebrate, whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas or otherwise, make it the best it can be. Get into it, decorate a tree, buy someone a present, make the best of your situation wherever you are. I spent a Christmas in Iraq, I know it can suck–but you all have eachother out there. May as well make it fun right?

Merry Christmas.


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Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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