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Necropocalypse Contest Winner Pedro Morales III!


Well after a few weeks and about 20 really awesome Necropocalypse contest entries, I had to make a tough decision. The contest was to draw anything with an undead Marine in it–vague, I know, but people pulled through much better than I had anticipated. In addition to this, in order to qualify as an entry the image had to be accompanied by the person’s “zombie plan”.

Everyone has a zombie plan, and it was this that narrowly pushed this entry ahead of the others. People submitted some truly great artwork, and it was thoroughly enjoyable going through everyone’s plans. However, this user’s plan was not only enjoyable to read, but it works and was truly stood out amongst the crowd.

Without further adieu, here is the winning Zombie Plan from forum user Mozillatron, submitted from Afghanistan:

Firstly, you must gather supplies. Guns, Procreator, Food, Transportation, and Fishing Gear.

Whatever tickles your pickle. Recommend something semi-automatic, something fully-automatic, and whatever blasts the fuck outta some zombiskulls.

Find yourself a mate to procreate with. Preferably dressed in a cheerleader costume. Remember: The world is about to end, there will be no more “out of your league”… Use guns.

After acquiring your Guns&Ammo, rob the local supermarket. Kill everyone. They’re just going to die anyway. Get enough food to last a couple weeks. Also, get some seeds to grow veggies when shit calms down. Zombies typically don’t maintain crops.

Fishing Gear:
Stop by the local bait&tackle and pick yourself up a metric fuck-ton of fishing gear. Deep-sea stuff. Let the clerk help you pick everything – Then kill him.

Transportation will be acquired in phases. During your hunter-gatherer phases, steal a large sports utility vehicle. Preferrably a Hybrid Escalade (gotta save on gas). This vehicle will be used to carry goods to and from your next upgrade: a stolen sailboat. For trips around town, feel free to use an ATV (for maneuverability).

Battle your way out of the city and make your way to your stolen sailboat. Continue gathering survival gear until shit gets too hot. Then make sail for the nearest uninhabited island. Build up your stronghold on that island to protect your shit against other survivors who want to mooch. Ask them how life is back on mainland – Then kill them. Repeat for all encounters.

When people stop coming to your island, wait another couple months and sail home. Plant Crops, call upon your vast FarmVille experience. Procreate. Repeat. Practice Procreation. It’s good to be king.

Congratulations Mozillatron! You win a free print along with a super secret prize I can’t quite reveal yet.

Notable Mentions:

I wanted to just turn the spotlight real quick to some runner up entries that were also really great, but just didn’t quite make the win.

This entry from user lizbeth was fantastic, great artwork and a good plan. Had the contest been based on art alone she may have won.


This entry from user Kvlticon was also a solid artwork entry, really impressive digital work! I like this one because of the obvious branch-on-branch commentary going on.


This one from Meyer0331 was also fantastic in terms of artwork and humor. My favorite zombie here is easily the “Iraqi YouTube Puppy”.


The last one I’m gonna mention is from user LTSketch. This entry took a comic-approach and was pretty funny!


Anyway, it was a great contest and I was truly surprised at the amount of great entries we had. I couldn’t mention all of them here, but you can peruse the Necropocalypse Contest thread here on the forum to see the rest. There were a few entries that were emailed to me, they were also considered official entries in the contest–but did not win. I even received a Resident Evil 2-themed entry, which was awesome.

Thanks to everyone who spent time on these, I hope it was a fun thing that people enjoyed.

There wasn’t any specific criteria for the winner, it just had to meet the rules of containing a zombie Marine, being drawn and having a zombie plan with it. All of those things were considered with the entries, the winner was chosen based on all of those factors.

I’ll continue the remaining bits of the Necropocalypse series shortly!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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