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Terminal Lance #86 “A Better Recruiting Commercial”


Ah the dress blues, the golden pillar of Marine Corps recruiting. Who can resist that snazzy black and gold blouse with those Eagle, Globe and Anchors flanking your collar? Of all of the uniforms in the military, the Marine Corps dress blues remain the highest fashion, with other branches slowly trying to encroach upon the success of our uniform. However, no matter how similar the other branches will try to get, it is the EGA’s on the collar that make the dress blues a success amongst women (and 1 in 10 men?) alike. And, as far as I know, the EGA will always remain exclusive to the Marine Corps. This isn’t a moto-thing, but stylistically, those two golden EGA’s on the collar truly complete the outfit, bringing it from just another jacket to the legendary status it holds.

As for recruiting commercials, maybe they should take me on as a writer for them? With all due respect to the silent drill team, they don’t represent the average grunt. Half of the grunts of my generation didn’t even own dress blues, simply because they weren’t issued to us. If recruiting commercials really wanted to show people what the Marine Corps is like, they’d set free a video camera to the local infantry barracks on a weekend. The horrific events inevitably caught on camera would serve as a great device to entice the people they want, and deter those they don’t.

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