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Terminal Lance #84 “The Jack Shack”


The Jack Shack is a sort of magical place; a place where a Marine can be alone… for a time. The battle for an orgasm versus the searing Iraqi and Afghani sun is one waged across many years of conflict. An epic struggle between Marine and nature, between man and the elements.

The Jack Shack takes many forms, from sectioned off bottom racks to porta-shitters, corners of rooms and so-forth. The Jack Shack is a kind of spiritual exercise in stamina and perseverance. Those who make it out of the gauntlet of heat and sweat will find themselves victorious, emerging from the steaming room of spilt seed, interior walls laden with phallic symbols, decorated with unit names and the names of wives and girlfriends of lore. There is no greater feeling than to exit that small blue room, breathing the fresh cool air of victory.

Anyway, I could keep going on about the Jack Shack, but I’d rather not. As for the financial statistics, I will say, they are rough numbers–please don’t take them to be fact.

Also, look forward to something unique in the near future…

I’ll see you all Friday.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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