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Terminal Lance #80 “We All Need a Hug Sometimes”


I wonder how many NJP’s would be reduced to a slap on the wrist, how many Marines would lose rank, if only a hug was offered to the SNCO that was so angry. I think sometimes, we all just need a hug. I once tried to give my old company 1st Sergeant a hug (now SgtMaj Chet Houston)–he took up a basic warrior stance and told me to get away. I insisted, but he wasn’t very keen on the idea. I think the magic of hugs is universal. The next time your SNCO is yelling at you, offer to give him a hug. If someone could get it on film, that would be even better, and I could put it up here.

Well yesterday was Veteran’s Day, as I’m sure you all know. I hope all of you went to Chili’s or something and got some delicious free food. As I mentioned on the Facebook Fan Page, I personally went to Chili’s in Union City last night and got some chicken club tacos. Free is the best price, making it all the more delicious. I saw two Marines out front when I walked in wearing chucks, something I don’t see often anymore. I thought about restaurant hopping, possibly hitting up Applebee’s or Texas Roadhouse afterward, but I was a little too full to be ordering multiple meals (we got a free desert at Chili’s too).

In site news, I will possibly be doing some server work this weekend, so expect a little down time here and there. Also, if you haven’t become a fan on Facebook, click on the link to the right and check it out. As well, my Twitter crowd, being much smaller, often gets bits of news that I don’t always mention on Facebook–so if you’re into Twitter, feel free to follow me @TLCplMax.

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