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Terminal Lance #59 “Knife-Hand Anger Gauge”


I know it’s really boot to bring up bootcamp, but so many funny and stupid things come out of there it’s hard to resist. One specific thing I remember being especially stupid was the “knife-hand”*. Never, anywhere in the Marine Corps, have I ever seen the knife-hand so flagrantly used. I always took note, however, that the higher the knife-hand is on the drill instructor, the more pissed off he is. The knife-hand itself not actually even pointing at the victim, but sometimes even directly at the sky in front of their face.

So I don’t officially get internet installed in my apartment until tomorrow, but I decided it was time to bring in another strip and try to start returning things to normal around here. Thankfully, the Starbucks a block away has been a great help in all my internet endeavors.

I have some plans for the site once I do have regular access to internet, and I’m working on some special things. Stay tuned in the following weeks for some new additions. I don’t actually start classes for another couple of weeks, so hopefully I can get some work done once I finally get some internet up and running again.

*For those of you unfamiliar with the “Knife-Hand”, it is a very repeated and mind-numbing thing you are forced to do with your hands in bootcamp. The definition of which, five-fingers straight and aligned, as depicted by the comic. You had to turn your hands into knives for just about every activity involving your hands, from pushups to MCMAP. I’ve heard justification for the knife-hand ranging from saluting to how you’re supposed to point at things in middle-eastern countries.

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