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Terminal Lance #53 “Reservists and Centipedes”


I don’t typically try to sell my punchlines on pop-culture references. However, I recently saw “The Human Centipede” and was so excited I had to find a way to put it into a strip. As well, I think the point of the strip was easy to say within two panels. Active duty Marines hate reservists–those assholes found a way to be in the Marines but still be at home all the time and not have to deal with the bullshit every day.

I remember graduation day at SOI, everyone was in their Bravos, getting ready to head to the airport to continue their Marine Corps journey. Well, at least some of us were… half of the company just went to the airport to fly home, never to be seen again by the active duty guys heading to their duty stations to be hazed by hungover Lance Corporals at 0100 in the morning. The split is abrupt and deceptive. Marines that have been your friends and allies against the common evil of Marine-dom are sent back to their homes, back to their civilian friends and family, and back to their lives. Active duty never gets that luxury, only going home on leave blocks and dealing with the brunt of hazing and weekly field ops.

In other news, I am back from my trip to California. I managed to find an apartment–not in Oakland–and will be making the move down there next month. I appreciate everyone’s support on the subject. Additionally, I’d like to put up another set of prints on sale this week. Whenever I can get an actual work space set up I’d also like to do some more involved work for the site, things like special edition strips and so forth.

The trip back from California was draining to say the least. We went up Highway 101 in order to visit a Marine friend of mine in Healdsburg. The plan was to take 101 back up to Oregon and cut into Portland sometime around Newport. After a delicious lunch with my good pal Bob, we continued our journey back up to Oregon. As impatient as I am though, I decided to cut back to I-5 as soon as possible instead of waiting til we got into Oregon as originally planned. The result was a 4 hour long trip down the scariest highway I’ve ever driven in my life, where it literally turned into a one-lane road through the mountains (with traffic coming both ways). As for wildlife, I came close to hitting the usual suspects: deer and cow. More interesting, however, was when I almost hit a fairly good sized black bear, which I narrowly avoided via some decent brakes. After the not-so-much lauded drive through the wilderness, we ended up coming to I-5 at Redding, which put us about 5 hours behind schedule.

All in all, it was a good trip to Conan the Barbarian’s kingdom (not quite Aquilonia). The trip back though… not so much.

Anyway, if any of you are wondering what the movie reference is, it’s a terrible horror film that came out last year called “The Human Centipede.” This trailer should explain all you need to know about it… and you don’t need to know much.

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