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Terminal Lance #50 “I’m Putting You Up for One”


For my beloved readers that are not in the loop; “NAM” stands for “Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal,” and is awarded to people who go above and beyond their normal duties assigned to them. However, the medal somehow always seems to find its way onto the chests of those closest to Headquarters or H&S Company. Even though the guys on the ground are out there everyday, risking life and limb, they are usually the last people to receive the award.

I refuse to believe that the average grunt rates a NAM every day he’s outside the wire. However, I also refuse to believe the company clerk, police sergeant, intel guy, etc.; rates the award every time he does his job. I’m not saying I’ve never agreed with the awarding of it to the less-than-salty population, but I think the system is fairly slanted in their favor.

Take a Headquarters platoon for example: every day they are in the company office, under close supervision to the top ranking members of the company. How often does the Company First Sergeant or the Commanding Officer see Lance Corporal Dipshit offer a child some water or some of his own food outside the wire? How often does even the platoon commander see it? If you’re a good squad leader, hopefully never–because no squad leader wants to have to deal with an “LT” or an “Echo-8” on any sort of a daily basis. Unfortunately, it takes something much greater for the average grunt to earn the medal than just… doing what he’s asked to do–which isn’t always the case for the other side.

Outside of that, all I really have to say is have a good weekend, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @TLCplMax.

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