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Terminal Lance #37 “Where Does He Get New Ones?”


This is just something I always wondered, where does the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps get new chevrons? Admittedly, I’ve never been to Quantico, so I don’t really know if they sell them at the PX there–though I would imagine not. Does he only get one pair issued to him? Does CIF issue it to him? Does he have to give them back when he’s done? If he loses one, does CIF try to fuck him over when he turns them in?

These are the sorts of things that go through my head. Plus, I fucking hate CIF.

I don’t have a whole lot to say on the strip, I think everyone on the Enlisted side should appreciate it. Prior to the “Combat Hardened” chevrons they sell now, these stupid things would lose their luster faster than you could complain about it. In fact, I’m surprised it’s taken the manufacturer as long as it did to make chevrons that didn’t chip so easily. Whatever the case, I know we’ve all been there, scribbling a sharpie on your chevron prior to formations to stay under the radar. You can always tell the ones that have had the Magic Marker treatment, too: they tend to fade to a glossy purple not after long.

Outside of comic business. I’ve been out of Hawaii for a couple of weeks now–back in Portland. I received my DD-214 in the mail today, it was somewhat of a special moment. I am officially out. I don’t have much here to work with; I was smart enough to pack my WACOM tablet with me when I flew out so I’ve been making the comics on that. Normally I would do them by hand and scan them in but I don’t really have that kind of resources here while my equipment is all in transit. It really sucks that it takes over a month for stuff to get from Hawaii to Portland, I’m not sure what it’s all doing right now–but I know the journey from the islands to here is not a month long trek. I can only imagine the kind of adventures my personal affects are undertaking, wrought with stories and epic journeys.

Well the tablet is sufficing me, I used to do a lot of artwork on it but I am quite rusty at it. Give me a few weeks and I’ll be back up to speed. I appreciate your patience with my whole moving thing, life has been quite interesting in the last few weeks. Stay tuned though, Terminal Lance isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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