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Terminal Lance #25 “Deployments are just like Final Fantasy Games”


I genuinely debated on doing this strip simply because I knew that the reference might fly over the heads of some of the older Marines that read the strip. (I know there’s plenty of you salty bastards) However, if I may be so blunt, I am a huge nerd. In fact I am such a huge nerd that in the 2nd panel, the HP for my spiky-haired doppelganger is “2236,” which of course is the combination for the safe in the office in the East wing of the 1st floor of the police station in Resident Evil 2.

This strip is chalk full of genuine nerd-dom, but I found the joke funny enough that I had to do it. Hopefully you gamers out there will appreciate it, which is most of the Junior Enlisted, I’m sure.

I will admit that all of the Final Fantasy discussion on the forum lately has gotten me thinking about those great old games again, as well as the fact that I’m currently going through Final Fantasy XIII for PS3. For those of you unfamiliar with the franchise, it is the best selling RPG series of all time, and basically founded genre.

I may have mentioned before that I am a fan of Penny-Arcade, a gaming comic strip. I think most webcomics are not successful due to the fact that 90% of them try to do exactly what Penny-Arcade did; i.e.: two lazy, witty guys that love to play videogames. Luckily for me, I have the niche of the Marine Corps as a comic strip–which really is an endless geyser of humor, openly flowing like the chocolate river from Willy Wonka. In any case, I think it would be wrong of me to try and hide the fact that I love me some videogames–honestly I think Metal Gear Solid is about 50% of the reason I joined in the first place. Whatever the circumstance, Terminal Lance has been doing fantastic lately. After the story went live in the Marine Corps Times print and online last week, I easily broke the 1 Million hit marker.

Needless to say, this milestone hasn’t been free of bumps. Not everyone is happy with Terminal Lance, though I think the majority of these individuals don’t actually read the comics or the blog post and just judge it based on the name. I can’t and won’t bother trying to address everything that pops up, but Terminal Lance is available for anyone to look at. I didn’t agree to have stories in the Newspapers thinking no one would notice. If anyone of exceedingly high rank reads these things, which I know now that they do, I hope you find them funny and embrace the humor for what it is: situational and observational humor based on my actual experiences in the Marine Corps infantry (or otherwise). I’ve never bashed the Marine Corps, or anyone in it–nor do I plan to.

A pretty simple and straightforward alternative, if you don’t like the strip: don’t read it.

With that I will bid you all adieu, much like most nights I update the comic I have to wake up in like 6 hours–because I love you all enough to lose sleep over this.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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