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Terminal Lance #23 “Literally”


I think sometimes the crude sayings and terminology go widely unchecked, despite how common they are. I know this is a common statement made in the Marine Corps, at least since I’ve been in. I heard it the first time in bootcamp, then I heard it at SOI, then I heard it at the fleet at some point multiple times. I’m not sure who was first to say it, but sometimes I wonder if they genuinely did have male genitalia growing from their forehead–and simply used the statement to fuck with Marines.

For whatever it’s worth, there is no resounding statement to be made with this strip; it really just boils down to me wanting to see someone with a dick growing out of their forehead. Out of respect for the fact that most people probably look at Terminal Lance at work, I censored the dick portion of the dick joke. No one forced me to, I just figured it would be easier than labeling the strip “NSFW”.

I recently had a long conversation regarding Terminal Lance with the base attorney–the JAG, as they’re known–and he gave me some very useful information. Among which, knowing that I’m not actually breaking any rules is nice to know. Maybe there will be a day where I snap and decide to do something stupid, but I highly doubt it. Nope, unfortunately for anyone looking to bust me, I’m just a regular guy with a good sense of humor and a penchant for drawing. I never claimed to hate the Marine Corps or anything therein, I just like to make fun of it.

In other, much more interesting news, there was a winner to the tattoo contest!

The Winner to the Tattoo Contest:



Cpl Vince Padilla

Cpl Vince Padilla, Winner for Life

Cpl Vince Padilla will be receiving the original artwork for the tattoo autographed and framed by me. Lets all give him a big round of applause for being so fucking full of awesome. For those of you that didn’t win the artwork: if you actually got the tattoo, send me the pictures and I’ll put them up on the site for everyone to see along with your name.

In site news, I’ve added another Google ad on the bottom. While I can’t legally encourage you to click on them, I will say that they do help me out if you do… The act of drawing and writing a web comic in of itself doesn’t exactly ring in the bucks, but the ads bring in a little. While this was never really a venture of money, someone suggested to me that I add a PayPal donation insert to try and collect some extra money. Frankly, I don’t like the idea of begging for money. It makes me feel a little too much like the asshole over at Ctrl+Alt+Del and his dreadfully unfunny comic. I am exploring ways to make some money off the site but it’s a hit or miss process. In the mean time, if you see something that appeals to you, feel free to click on the Google ads. *wink*wink*

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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