Terminal Lance #512 “Half Truths III”

April 24, 2018

It’s a metaphor. The Green Weenie is a menace to every enlisted orifice, starting early in a Marine’s career. So early, in fact, that you may not even be in the Corps when it claims its first victory over your vulnerable butthole. Welcome to the recruiter’s office… Let’s have a chat.

You’ll spend the rest of your mandatory four years wondering what the hell went wrong. How did you end up in this shit? Well, it all started at the Recruiter’s office. And never forget… He knew what he was getting you in to. Be wary of the Recruiter, for he is an agent of the Green Weenie, preying on young men and women and prowling high schools for its next victims.

In other very exciting news, today is the launch of the Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus! The Omnibus is a massive collection of Terminal Lance comics from over the years, featuring over 750 strips and 300 previously exclusive to the Marine Times newspaper. It’s online and in stores everywhere, so go pick it up!

In extra exciting news, Terminal Lance (and yours truly) was featured in the New York Times today by the amazing Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and former Marine officer Chris Chivers. It’s truly an honor, Chris was great and hung out with me for a day to write this awesome piece on everything Terminal Lance. Definitely head over and take a look, and look forward to it in print this week.

There’s a lot more exciting stuff coming along, so stay tuned…



Terminal Lance #466 “Half Truths II”

March 24, 2017

Recruiters are a weird animal.

They’re one of the only groups of adult men that can prowl high schools for kids and not get put on some kind of watch list. Much like I’ve mentioned that I could never be a drill instructor, I don’t think I could ever be a recruiter either.

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of recruiters are totally normal people. However, there’s something uniquely nefarious about convincing young men and women to sign up for something that makes me uniquely miserable. They’re an easy target for a comic strip because literally everyone in the Marine Corps has had to deal with a recruiter at least once.

For the record, my recruiter was pretty chill and normal. He told me specifically that the Marine Corps was shit, and I would probably hate my life.

Because I’m an idiot, I thought that sounded really awesome, so I enlisted as an 0300 open-contract infantryman.

To each their own, I suppose.

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