Terminal Lance #478 “New Corps III”

June 9, 2017

Much to the dismay of senior leadership, the Corps is always changing and molding to the world in which it exists. Ever since the fall of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (remember when gays weren’t allowed in the military because they were gay?), new social orders have become the norm in a community that was previously steeped in its own cultures and traditions.

Many in the Corps and veterans on the outside decry these cultural shifts, but they are a product of the times. In my anecdotal opinion, it is the rise of social media that is to blame for pop culture working its way into the barracks. While new generations always bring new culture with them into the Corps, it used to be a very closed off environment once you got past those yellow footprints. Now, anyone and everyone is instantly connected via Snapchat and Instagram to the latest trends, and there’s not much the Old Corps can do to stop it.

Put on your rompers and flick your fidget spinners, cause it’s a new Corps out there.



Terminal Lance #451 “Bricks Life III”

December 27, 2016

Just as light cannot exist without dark, OOD’s cannot exist without insane bullshit going on in the barracks to keep them busy. Would there even be a need for an OOD if there weren’t Lance Corporals to fuck with them? No. It is then the responsibility of the barracks Lance Corporal to make sure that government money is being put to good use and give the OOD something to do on Friday nights.

After all, we’ve all had enough 5 hour long PowerPoint presentations on Fraud, Waste and Abuse to know that government resources need to be put to good use.

So buck up, OOD. Just know that we do this to you as a duty to this great nation.

Super late update today, I’m on “leave” myself in Portland visiting family for the holidays, but I’m sure most of you are too drunk on eggnog and PlayStation 4 games to notice. In any case, expect things to return to normal next week.