Terminal Lance “Door Busters”

November 29, 2019

Buyer beware, Black Friday is about to take on a whole new meaning at your local mega-retailer superstore. Having just secured a contract with the Department of Defense, Marine Corps Drill Instructors will now be on loan for Black Friday shopping events around the country, where they will scream and haze some discipline into nasty bodies from coast to coast.

Okay, not really. This is not a news site.

For those of you wondering what sweaty, screaming men have to do with the day after Thanksgiving, it goes back to Marine Corps boot camp. There, “Black Friday” is dubiously known as the day that you meet your Drill Instructors for the first time. This is your rude awakening to the next three months of life aboard the Recruit Depot, where you’ll spend 24 hours a day with these rage-monsters as they teach you how to be a Marine.

For Marines, the term “Black Friday” will never mean the same thing again. If a Marine veteran you know flinches when you ask if they want to go check out some hot deals today… Now you know why.



Terminal Lance “Black Friday” Contest

November 25, 2016

Happy Black Friday!

Black Friday is an American holiday following Thanksgiving, where we give thanks to massive corporations and stab each other in the face for a 49″ LG 4k TV.

Today is also the day that active duty tanker with the Army, Kurt Schommer, won a Dell Inspiron laptop for his winning comic strip!

Thanksgiving is always a rough time if you’re away from home, so myself and Paul Szoldra from decided to take a trip out to Camp Pendleton last night and hit up the 3/5 barracks for some shenanigans and to drop off some free shit. These guys keep it real as fuck, it’s always great to be in a room full of grunts. A Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.


I want to give a huge shout out to Dell Camp Lejeune for running this contest with me! Check out their Black Friday deals here.

Below are some runner up strips that were also pretty great. (Click on them to view them in full size)


Christopher Mulvihill


Johnny Hair



CPL Nelson



Alberto Lopez


Garin Bailey


Christianna Golden


Adrian Noble


Zach Morris


Christopher Schenk