Terminal Lance “Window of Opportunity”

February 14, 2017

Most holidays only register for Marines when a 96 (i.e. 4-day weekend) is concerned. Non-major events that don’t qualify for any special liberty get zero attention among Marines. Especially on an occasion like Valentine’s Day where most barracks are decidedly lopsided when it comes to demographics. Not many Marines are focused on a greeting-card industry fueled day on the calendar like Valentine’s Day. It’s just another day.

I imagine life in the barracks hasn’t changed too much over the generations. Sure, quality of life and living conditions are vastly different between eras, but the overall climate is what it is. A large group of young, active single people sharing the Marine Corps life and trying to have a good time while doing it. Yes, the dating scene around any Marine base is really desolate. Clearly you know this isn’t anything new. As Marines have always done – they’ll find ways to stay entertained while enjoying those marvelous 20s. Hang with your friends, fire up your favorite gaming console, and relax. Maybe don’t give your neighbor a “pressed ham” though. Just saying.

I want to thank Max for asking me to offer up a strip for Terminal Lance. I’m sure there are still a few Marines out there I know, and if you’re reading this, I wish you well. Until next time.