Terminal Lance #138 “The Reveille Guy”

August 5, 2011

I’m just gonna start by saying that I think I just single-handedly taught about 30,000 Marines how to correctly spell “Reveille” (pronounced “Revley”).

Taking a step back from it all, I decided to try and focus more on what Terminal Lance was originally intended to be. An infantry-based comic about the nuances of everyday grunt life. I feel like I get kind of distracted with deadlines and larger scale items that I have, as of late, been losing touch with what this comic is supposed to be. Terminal Lance was supposed to be the inside jokes, the bullshit, the funny shit, the shit. That isn’t to say I can’t talk about other things as well, but I’m going to really try and delve back into the world of the Lance Corporal–a world I’ve been absent from for over a year now.

More on point, I think we all can understand Abe’s frustration here. Every morning in the field, in those wee-hours of dawn, there’s always the boot that pulled last firewatch that has to wake everyone up. This dubious task is accomplished in a number of ways, but 90% of the time Marines tend to take the term “sound Reveille” a bit more literally than they should. They do, quite literally, yell the word “Reveille” repeatedly until everyone is awake. Reveille, for those of you that don’t know, is the song you hear in every 90’s military movie ever made, as well as horse races or something. Here, I’ll just show you.

There are many options for waking up a platoon of Marines. For instance, you could just say, “Everyone wake the fuck up!” I suppose that would lack a certain amount of tact, but when is tact ever necessary when dealing with grunts?

Anyway, there’s plenty to talk about today so bear with me.

First off, I want to mention for you gear queers out there, if you click on the “Extreme Outfitter” ads here on Terminal Lance, it will take you to their website. Enter the coupon code “TLANCE” and you’ll get 10% off your entire order. Is that me selling out? No, it’s me getting you guys an awesome deal from some even more awesome people. If all you see are ads of asses and shitty t-shirts, try refreshing until one of the Extreme Outfitter ads comes up, they’re legit and my ad guys worked hard on getting that deal for you all.

In much larger news, I want to talk about a recent posting I made regarding Pg 7 of this week’s Marine Corps Times newspaper. When I asked the Facebook fan page if they had seen it, I received the majority reply of something along the lines of Marine Corps Times is for “fags”, “gays”, “homos” and “homogayfags”.

Since subtlety is clearly lost in that effort, I’m just going to tell you all here. Page 7 of the Marine Corps Times features a small story about my upcoming compilation book!

Terminal Lance: “Knife-Hands!” #1-100 Compilation

Yes! Fucking awesome right?!

The book is published by Veteran’s Expeditionary Media, a company owned by Brian Iglesias–a Marine Captain, combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. You may also know him from his work on the documentary Chosin released in 2010–he directed and produced it.

The book was 100% compiled and designed by me personally. “KNIFE-HANDS!” features strips #1-100, completely uncensored and with all of the blog posts. As well, many of the strips have extra notes, observations, concept sketches and more. Not only that, but there’s some extra strips included from the holiday postings and even ones only previously published in the Marine Corps Times newspaper. The pages are in full color, preserving the small bits of coloring on some of the strips (no, I didn’t go in and color any of the old strips).

Yeah, this book is the shit.

The book should be available for purchase August 15th exclusively online and in other outlets in the near future. I’m not 100% sure on the price yet, but I can promise it will be under $25.

I will post every official update between here, Facebook and Twitter per usual, so stay tuned for more news. I look forward to doing some book signings in the near future as well!